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Blogverzeichnis – Übersicht über Online-Tagebücher: Tauschbörse - Kommentare

Der Swapy-Blog ist ein Weblog von der ersten online Tauschbörse mit Auktionscharkter. Die Tauschbörse ist unter zu erreichen. Das Motto der Tauschbörse ist "Tauschen statt kaufen". ermöglicht alles zu tauschen was man gar nicht mehr braucht in etwas was man evtl. sucht. Der Swapy-Blog bietet hierbei viele Informationen und News rund um die Tauschbörse. Vorbei schauen lohnt sich.

Zurück zur normalen Version

Hmm?!?! Bin über Google mit dem Suchwort "tauschen" auf gekommen. Dabei wurde die Detail-Seite von angezeigt. Titel von ist ja "Tauschbörse zum tauschen". Dort findet man eigentlich keine Tauschbörse. Jedoch habe ich gefunden wonach ich gesucht habe. Ein paar Texte zum Thema "tauschen" Das Logo finde ich übrigens auch nicht schlecht.
[quote=Tauschfreund]Hmm?!?! Titel von ist ja "Tauschbörse zum tauschen". [/quote] Tauschbörse zum tauschen hört sich komisch an. Es ist doch eigentlich klar, dass eine Tauschbörse zum tauschen ist :nod:
Die Tauschbörse ist noch nicht fertig, wenn diese fertig ist wird auch der Blog verschwinden. Dieser war nur da um sich einen Namen im Web2.0 zu machen und den Namen Swapy zu verbreiten ;-) Slogan ist nun anders.
Hey Mirco, danke für den Hinweis an die Leser. Also die Tauschbörse ist nunr online - also die richtige Tauschbörse zum tauschen :D Aktuell können aber nur Spiele getauscht werden: Später werden Filme, Bücher und vieles mehr angebten. Wer also Lust auf neue Spiele hat und kein Geld ausgeben möchte, kann diese jetzt ganz legal und kostenlos tauschen
#5 Weiterso ! Ich finde es ist eine gelungene Homepage sehr schön gestaltet und informativ, liebe Grüsse aus Hamburg Martina von

bearbeitet von: Wowka am 13.09.2009 - 14:34:46
Sieht gut aus die Seite-.Viel Erfolg mit dem Projekt.
Klasse Idee, hab auch ein bisschen Werbung für euch gemacht, LG
Will jemand Linktausch oder so machen? :) Der Blog wäre:

Betreff: Tauschbörse
Hallo, ich finde die Tauchbörse sehr gut. Einige Dinge habe ich gefunden, die mir das Internet-Marketerleben leichter machen.;)

Betreff: Tauschbörsen voll im Trend
Tauschbörsen liegen aktuell voll im Trend, das Konzept sollte also funktionieren. Habe im TV gerade einen Bericht gesehen, in dem ein englischer Veranstalter solche Tauschbörsen in Form von öffentlichen Veranstaltungen mit Eintrittsgeld organisiert. Da ging es zwar nur um Klamotten tauschen, aber der Run war enorm. Also Viel Erfolg. PS: Nutze doch das [url=][b]kostenlose Presseportal[/b][/url] "Online-News-Center", um für deine Tauschbörse zu werben und veröffentliche kostenlos eine Pressemitteilung mit Backlink dafür.

beigefügte Anlagen:
logo-2_online-news-center_200x200.png (4 KB, 995 Downloads)

Pressemitteilungen kostenlos veröffentlichen

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Nd even beyond less money in the cost. Unallotment also means Minnesotans will see less <a href=>louis vuitton outlet</a> of these qualities of good state and federal government. Less accountability. Unallotment puts decisions that could have been jointly negotiated in the hands of one person who, By declaring his motive not to run for reelection, Is less sensitive than ever to the will of the state's voters. Already there are concerns that the interior deliberation on what will be unallotted is too closed, Too truth, And not open enough to public assessment. <a href=>cheap louis vuitton outlet online</a> Growth Justice recently requested much more sunshine on the unallotment process. Less fairness. Although the governor has made some movement away from the hard line he took during the legislative session, Unallotment will still disproportionately affect the poorest and the cheapest powerful Minnesotans. Those immediate impacts are getting to be clearer: Health care will be over the budget for more lowincome citizens, Community colleges cost more, Public school districts serving lowincome children will spend more on interest payments, And police and fire wellbeing will be scaled back. Less output. Critics argue that too much government expenses are on "cruise control, But an aircraft on autopilot flies more safely and efficiently especially compared to one in which the rudder and throttle are being jerked between. Arbitrary cuts by unallotment will create a ripple effect of inefficiencies as local governments and repair shops scramble to lay off workers, Cut services and borrow money. Less balance. The state has recently used up reserves meant to help deal with rainy <a href=>nike shox</a> days. straight away, in the midst of a predicted storm, The governor has refused to raise new revenues to cover at least perhaps the staggering shortfall. in fact, He has resorted to more management shifts and gimmicks, Leaving his successor with an unmatched projected deficit in the next budget period. Less stock. this is what last "decreasing" is the most serious of all. Minnesota actually needs more and smarter publicsector investment in the human capital and infrastructure that have helped nourish a good business climate and sustained our enviable life. Our state's leading economists have pointed to the necessity for more investment in education, starting with the crucial earlychildhood years, In universitybased medical studies, In roads and transit, In eco cleanup of "disadvantaged" Waters and quality of air, And in public health and fitness problem. moderately, We remain hellbent on continuing a course of public disinvestment that began early in the decade which has begun to show up as Minnesota's relative performance slips on critical measures of economic vitality and daily life. We may have a seat at the home, alright. But now we are only spectators. Dane Smith is the president and Charlie Quimby is a speaking fellow of Growth Justice, A think tank that focuses on policies to make Minnesota's economy imultaneously more productive and fair. A version want to know,informed originally <a href=>nike shoes outlet</a> appeared in the Saint Paul Legal Ledger Capitol Report. thomas: Are you equating the thousands of indigent and/or homeless and/or mentally ill that make less than $8,000 per year, Those who will find their access to General medical assistance GONE because of Pawlenty's cuts, With spoiled little ones? And are the hospitals Pawlenty is cutting payments to who will now have thousands more uninsured people arriving at emergency rooms for care also a maximum of spoiled children, favorite cuts could drive some of <a href=>nike free run</a> them to close their doors? The governor vetoed a few fair, Reasonable and at fault revenue raising measures in favor of saving a $250,000 earner a small amount over a $1,000 in taxes each and every year. i recommend say Pawlenty, in reference to his mywayorgoaway attitude, Is the spoiled child however. Bernice, the superior 10% earners, The people whose pockets both you and your ilk are obsessively demanding be further emptied, at this moment pay 80% of the state's yearly bills. What payment would you say is fair? did you know nearly 40% of Minnesota residents pay nothing? more apparent, Many receive a bonus check composing of money culled from the fruits of their neighbors work. stomach we treat everyone fairly. Let's <a href=>nike air force</a> put a flat tax on every financial; by means of $10.00 regarding $10 million, people chips in. besides that distribute the burden fairly, It ensures that everyone has a vested interest in how the state spends it and gives sweet quietus to the white noise generating "thrilled to pay" Hypocrites. jones: Bernice is a particular Minnesota citizen, Just like all average folks, So why are you trying to 'ilk' her into any generalized category based <a href=>louis vuitton handbags uk</a> on your philosophical beliefs? 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The Palm Beach Post Blog Archive Boca workplace offers Boca Raton guru Harvey Katz and his company, Better elements LLC, Has come out with a line of novelty and gag gift products called Official stimulus bundle. You go you hear people talking about the economic crisis and The Stimulus Plan. Everyone has been affected and keeping our spontaneity will <a href=>wholesale jerseys usa</a> help to get us through this, Katz said in a press release. The gag gifts are fun and are easy on the pocket, since they run from about $4 to $10. they are giong officially unveiled at the New York Stationary Show, may possibly 1720. Below is a list of a portion of the gifts, From a lot more claims. the most popular: The stimulus vibrating package along with, Products that play on current events such as americans are nothing new. last week, <a href=>wholesale jerseys</a> I wrote a story about a new mobile phone game where noted your own Ponzi scheme, akin to Bernie Madoff. And don can't remember, The game Monopoly was created after the great currency market crash and ensuing Great Depression. Here the list of gifts Better Things LLC is providing: Stimulus Treasury Checks and Checkbook Cover A gold Stimulus seal adorns a checkbook folder comprising 25 $1 billion bogus US Treasury checks. Enjoy the fantasy of writing checks to all people; Add them to any cards to boost the fun value. Don't set off without your stimulus check. be prepared to bailout your favorite corporation. Stimulus Cash provide millions! Each banded stack of 50 $1 million Obama stimulus bills will help a lot. Your children ask for a rise in their allowance, Hand them millions of dollars. Give your waiter a real tip and a little extra Stimulus Cash. you're going to be remembered as a big spender for passing along a smile. Stimulus Scratch Off Lottery Tickets Hand out a dozen lottery tickets where many people are an Instant Winner! Odds of being victorious in 100%, Odds to be Paid 0%! But who cares, It is all <a href=>wholesale jerseys usa</a> about using others. Spread a good time and positive feeling of being an instant winner. Stimulus vibrating Package The "Official stimulus package" Seal is insisted on on the gift package marked special <a href=>wholesale nfl jerseys</a> delivery on all sides. When <a href=>wholesale jerseys paypal</a> put to the recipient, The package begins to shake and vibrate using motion active technology. The incitement is working, Stimulus Minted Gold Chocolate Coins harvest crave chocolate during stressful times? a luxurious box with a clear window contains "money" Foil embossed chocolates stamped with President Obama's image and the American Eagle to look like pure coins. It's like a gift box this US Treasury.

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